Looking for a team / talented ADC to duo with

First of all I write a little about myself League Name : All Night Long Role : Support / Fill ( Shot Call ) Age : 24 I've been playing League for 2 years now, I've never really got into ranked because I enjoyed playing with friends but over time less and less of my friends are playing these days so I'm looking for new buddies for summoner's rift. I'd like to think that the knowledge and experience I've gained in league over these 2 years will boost your team to a higher rank. I've got my mechanics locked down and I can shot call very efficiently. I don't make many mistakes in lane or team fights. I play the support role so I can focus more on shot calling. The champions I am most comfortable on are thresh and karma, which is basically the meta right now? I'm looking to join a team with players around plat level. Although I am not play ( due to me not playing dynamic que ) I know the knowledge that I have on this game is above plat level. If you feel I will fit into your team please contact me in game. All Night Long

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