Lux Mains UNITE! (Join our Lυx Club!)

We are looking for **Lux Mains** to join our club! Please continue reading if you are one. ^^ {{champion:99}} --- > · **Club Info!** · > Club Name: **Lυx** > Club Tag: **Lυx** > Server: **EUW** > Preferred Language: **English** (you don't have to be good at English, if you can talk a bit and understand us, it's enough! :P) > · **Prerequisites**: >* Lux Mastery Level: **1-7** (If you are a Lux Main, you're invited! :3) >* Lux Mastery Points: **1 - ∞** (If you are a Lux main, you're invited! :3) >* Level: **1-30** >* Rank: **Bronze V - Challenger** (Either a god or a complete newbie, you're invited :P) >* Toxicity: **0** (Please keep the club friendly :P) --- We are looking to expand our club and reach as many Lux mains as possible. I personally don't know anyone IRL that mains Lux, however I have found some while playing :) We currently have **53 (and counting!)** members in our club! If you are a friendly Lux main, or you're wanting to main her, feel free to add me (or anyone in our club) in-game and I'll happily invite you :D If you want to search us up, here's a list of some Lux main members: ** Lux Lux (owner) Hi im Lux (member) Cystal Pepsi (member) Captain Luxanna (member) etc. ** --- > · **Add me!** > In-game name: **Lux Lux** > Server: **EUW** --- I don't usually check the comments on here - I'll notice much faster if you add me ingame :) PS: Also, know that the "υ" in "Lυx" in the Club name and tag is not a normal u, but an Upsilon. It's a Greek letter that's almost identical to our U. Because of this the in-game chat will display it as "L▮x" (Unless you have a Greek computer). However beside our names it's perfectly fine ^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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