Serious Team LF Toplane Plat+

Hello everybody, Im Andi 18 y/o and im looking for dedicated and motivated people to join a ranked team! My Timezone is GMT+1! must have: - Good mentality! - Willing to learn and improve! - Take good and bad critism! - Talkactive ingame! - ranked 5s experience - Main your role! - no flaming! Communication -Skype Also im seraching for a Coach who knows strategies and can get us to turnaments if we are ready for it! We will practice mostly in the evenings during the week! So make sure u are on time! If u cant be on time u have to say it to one from us on time! I´m not worried about kicking somebody out of the team! Of course we can have fun, but while u have fun u have to focus as well! Our aim is to get into turnaments to success there! We are currently looking for Top and Jungle! Best regards

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