looking for silver ADC for duoqueue ranked - EUW

Hello all, I'm a support main for as long as i can remember. Climbing the soloqueue ranked is hard for me as i can't hard carry. I'm looking for people to play with in ranked to climb the ladder. I'm a S5 and i have been on break for 6 months now. I started playing again about 2 weeks ago and now am good enough again to start ranked. I main lulu/morg/zyra for ap support and taric/leona/alistar for tank support. i do play any other support you want such as rakan if you go xayah. My name is xxxdarkfoxxx ingame. If you want to play ranked together do add me! i'll play whenever you want. I have TS, Skype and could get discord. I'm always open to play a normal with you if you want to see if my playstyle is ok for you. Hope to see you on the rift soon!
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