Clan searches competetive Teams to represent us on ESL Go4Lol Cups etc.

Dear League of Legends Community, our clan "German Unicorn Squad" is in general a TeamSpeak 3 Server for gamers who enjoy playing video games. At the moment we are a german only server, but we would like english speaking players aswell to join our community. We hope to expand the size of our clan by doing so. At the time we are a group of about 130 players who regulary join and play on our TS3-Server with an average of 30 players online at a time. Our League of Legends Community is not that huge yet. Often played games are titles like CS:GO, Arma 3, PUBG and RBS6. Our goal is to gain more popularity by working with teams who are regularily playing on tournaments like ESL Go4Lol. Those teams should change their current Team Name to a "German Unicorn Squad" related one. In exchange we offer a private channel room for you to practice. Depending on how many teams are interested in joining us you could even have your own scrim partners. At the moment our server is supported by about 10 Admins, Mods and Supporters. The owner is "Der Plünderer" aka Alex who is also regularily online. As far as I can tell, we have an in general very kind community. If there appears to be any problem with a specific player, he or she gets several warnings until being banned. In some cases the entire community gets asked if the player is "ban worthy" by doing a Straw Poll. If you are interested, please consider the idea with your team and if you came to the conclusion that you would like to join us, just log in on our server and discuss any further questions with one of our supports, mods or admins. IP: Website: Still in work Good luck on the fields of justice! TheLegend27/Uñderdog
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