ORG looking for dedicated players or teams to pick up

Looking For League Of Legend Players! Are you looking to join a gaming organisation where players take pride in their gaming or you already have a team and want to be picked up by organisation? Well we are looking for you! We are looking to set up multiple teams on PC. Skill level is not a massive problem but we are looking in the long run for a team that will fit together well and can counter as many of the possibilities as possible. We are also looking for people that are willing to put in the time and effort to train as well as improving as a team and practicing together as much as possible. We are looking for a leader who will create his own team or a team that has their roster already built up. Requirements: Minimum rank should be Diamond in soloQ and at least Platinum in flex Age must be 18+ Server you play on should be EUW You should be active and practice with your team members as much as you can Where you live is no matter for us, as long as you have a working microphone and you can speak english Our gaming organisation is willing to support you financially and bring in more staff of you need it. Only thing we ask from you is to show us your dedication and consistency. If you feel you are up for this join our discord server and contact one of the owners and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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