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Are you tired of playing by yourself? Are you looking for a ranked 5 team? A duo queue partner, or just some people to play through a few normals after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We host weekly RP prized tournaments, Daily in-house games and Free Mentoring for all of our members. About our league section We have been active in the League of Legends community since early 2012, and from humble beginnings, have grown to have more than 150 active people playing with us every day, all making use of our unlimited Teamspeak server. We have all sorts of players from the duoqueing tryhards trying to improve themselves, to the more casual ARAM for fun people, and everything in between. Requirements:"> - Be 16 or older - Teamspeak and working microphone - Be respectful of other individuals How do I join? - Jump over to www.Konvictgaming.com Sign up - Log in Press The League of legends icon and submit your application - Join our teamspeak @ ts.konvictgaming.com In-house: In-houses are what makes communities a great place, and Konvict is the best at them. It’s a custom game made up entirely of Konvict members, that’s 100% more Konvict members than you’ll find in any other game mode! Game modes vary, normal 5v5s, themed 5v5s, ARAMs, draft racing. Confused? Come find out more! It’s a banter fuelled fun experience for everyone involved. With both pre and post-game talks. Mentoring: We offer free mentoring and coaching from our higher ranked players who want to teach the arcane mysteries of league to those looking to improve upon every aspect of their game. Our mentors focus on teaching essential skills like: Decision-making, Item builds, Champion select choices, How to close out games, and how to keep a level head. Some of our mentors even have experiences mentoring high level teams! The Community and its history* Konvict gaming is a multi-gaming community with over 2,500 active gamers, spread over major titles such as: League of legends, Cs:GO, Hots, Final fantasy and more! Konvict gaming was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the biggest communities in Europe. What are our aims as a community? As a community we believe in creating a place where everyone feels like they belong. A place both the casual and the hardcore can play together and still feel like they are welcome, because they are! We are already one of the largest communities in Europe, but we aren’t going to stop there, we aim to become one of the biggest communities in the world. So everyone is welcome to join no matter what nationality. We only have a few requirements as to join! But Konvict is more than just a place for league of legends we have other sections such as: CS:GO - One of our largest sections, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is for casual and competitive players alike, all members are encouraged to join and meet some likeminded souls while pawning mid. Create teams and participate in a community that offers countless hours of fun. We also host a lot of fun servers that can be viewed at: http://konvictgaming.com/servers/ Heroes of the storm - As the game has taken the world by storm (excuse the pun), Konvict has taken the players by storm (this one, we don’t apologise for). We have one of the largest hots section in the world, and as always, the more the merrier! Diablo 3 - Currently we are running Rift's on every torment from T1 to T13, split farming bounties and players pushing towards the very top of the greater rift leaderboards!. Making and gearing up all our character for season 7. Come and join us now! The new Season Leader boards needs to be filled! Other games we also play are: DOTA 2 FFXIV DayZ Minecraft Overwatch Riders of Icarus Simple as that, so get over to the site now! Post below if you have any questions, about the game or about the community, we are always happy to help and want to have an open discussion with people who would like to join in on the fun. See you on the rift! // Konvictgaming.com
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