Looking for an ADC who is capable of carrying the game and actually win!! Main support P4.. EUNE

Pls whoever play hard core ranked and its a decent adc who knows to carry a game when he is feed and is able to close the game pls add me in game to see how i support i don't doubt that you will like what you see i only want to enjoy the game to the fullest with the player who plays the game right..If we loose from better enemy its ok we loose but if we loose a games because of people who dont know to close up the game or to take objetives over kills baron dragons etc leave the bot lane to go group 5 man mid a trow a game that's not ok and i can't stand to watch this anymore...Game in game out i watch insane players who have 2 3 games on champion and bring him to ranked because they heard he counters some champion..Or they take 1 game ivern into ranked.. Whoever understand what i said and wants to have a top tier support with deep champion pool pls add me to try some normal games to see how i play and if we have synergy to duo ranked and climb higher and reach the elo we deserve to the end of season.. Ty upfront for add me ingame Macleod T7L ..All the best ... http://pm1.narvii.com/5835/3103ed8916b640e666ed62ec78f10231d5213576_hq.jpg
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