[EUW] Looking for High gold - Plat Level Support to Sub in a tournament as well as join our team

Hey Today we will be participating in a 5v5 tournament and are looking for a Support player to fill in our current supports place as he is unable to make it, as well as hoping for you to consider joining our team as a substitute as our support has been absent fairly frequently as of late and are looking for someone to fill in when he is not available. In terms of ranks we're hoping to find a High Gold player (Gold 1) To anywhere in Plat up to Plat 1, and flex it doesn't matter as long as you are somewhere between Gold and Plat is fine. The tournament will start at 8pm BST so roughly 5 hours from when this has been posted. Certain requirements are that you are fluent in English, Have a working microphone have a discord as well as able to set up a battlefy account (Not difficult only 5 mins) If you are interested you could reply to this thread, add me on league my ign is : CinnimonBun or you could add me on discord : Shadowsleuth#1998

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