LF players for a team in Gold

Hello, I'm Lawrence or Armakar, a 17 y/o player from the UK. I peaked in Diamond 4 in season 4 , howewver with meta-shifts and stuff like Dynamic que my play style is more specific, which is why i'm looking to create a proper team. I am looking for a well put together team who fit my criteria. I'd appreciate it if only people who fit my criteria apply. Current roles available : Top Jungle Mid ADC - Armakar Support ( I would prefer an aggressive-style support ) I am looking for : Motivated, non stubborn players with a good attitude toward not only learning but climbing. Players who MAIN their role. EG, I can play jungle, most people can, that does NOT make you a jungle main. Players who have understanding of more then basic things, warding, common strategies ( Laneswaps, 1-3-1 , etc ) , lane matchups, builds, postioning in fights, roles, drafting, etc. People with working mics, stable internet and a stable PC. Players with good champion pools , preferably those with meta champion picks, map awareness, objective control, wave control, etc. Solid players who don't frequently get solo-killed in lane. Again, those who understand their role. I'm not looking for : People who will leave after a lose-streak. Impatient people People who want to fill Stubborn people Quiet people who never communicate High-risk , ridiculous aggressive play styles ( Constantly all-inning without analysing the player, playing ridiculously upfront ) This briefly sums up what I'm looking for. Aspiring, motivated players who understand the game to at least a basic knowledge. I really don't want a group of people who stand in their lane waiting for something to happen. Pro activity is key. The most important thing I want in a player is DETERMINATION and PERSEVERANCE. I am sick of trying to join or put together teams who upon 1 problem with the roster, such as someone leaving or someone not meeting the standards, then the team falls apart and everyone leaves. I'd appreciate ANYONE applying is determined to stick around, so we can build synergy and become better over time. I would also like all those who apply to have a decent schedule, so I can make a schedule to play with. I'll likely receive alot of adds, so just so everyone knows i'd like to state my application for trialing , as alot of people are like " wtf why r u doin that " so here's my thought process Questions - Just general questions like your playstyle, ranked 5's experiance, peak league, what you offer for a team, your schedule etc. Normal drafts - This is just to test basic mechanics and knowledge. I could even see these things in bot-games , stuff like not rotating, not timing flashes, stupid builds, bad cs, etc. Ill be doing this stage in normals because there's alot of people who, frankly, are elo-boosted and look for a ranked 5's team because they can't solo-climb, there's alot of people who get extremley nervous in trials and just play flat-out bad, so for this reason i'd like to minimise the amount of ranked games I trial in. Normal drafts extended - After I thin down the pepole a little i'll do some more to see mechanics again and different champs. Ranked trials - I will try ranked with laners - support, mid, maybe top ( Not jungle ) I'll then just pick the people I want. Sub-spots are avalible. Ty for reading the wall - if you want to apply please comment below to be added or add one of my accounts below : i hope u all die Armakar Thanks!
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