Team Acrolith looking for players (high Silver/ Gold)

Team - Acrolith Hello, We're Recruiting Gold players, looking to join our team and scrim regularly against Team Oakus and to take into tournaments. Only Dedicated players will be considered - As a Sub you will still be treated the same as a main line-up member and will still get to play regularly. Both of these teams are managed by me - I am a very dedicated tournaments & Event manager, to make sure your always up to date with upcoming events. Dealing with Tournament logistics and making your life easier. We request that you're actively online on teamspeak for ease of communication. Always attend team meetings and strive to earn your status as a respected team member. Coaching is always available for those who wish it. Top: OPEN Jungle: Wiltaxe Mid: OPEN ADC: OPEN Support: OPEN Sub ADC: OPEN Sub Support: OPEN Please Contact me on teamspeak or a Member of Team Acrolith Teamspeak
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