New Team Recruiting! [Tournaments] [Training Schedule]

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that Team Nerf is now recruiting members! Please read everything below to make sure you are well suited for the team before applying! :) **The Plan** * We will hopefully be practising 4 times a week to make sure we are real contenders in all tournaments we enter. * 3 days will be Normal games / Flex queue and 1 day we will be practising different strategies and things like deciding team comps or early game plays in a conference on discord then putting these strategies to the test on the other 3 days we play. * Once we feel we are at a good standard and we are playing well as a team.. **ITS TOURNAMENT TIME!** There are just a few requirements that are essential for the team to work out * All players will need time on their hands as we will have a strict training / theorycrafting schedule (4 days per week) * Solo ranking of Plat 5+ is preferred (But flexible) * Have Discord, A working mic and speak fluent English * Good listening skills (We will have a shot caller so you need to be able to follow their calls) * Dedication - Must be 100% dedicated to the schedule once we have one in place * Last but not least - You must be a friendly player that isn't toxic towards your team if they make a mistake. Games will be recorded so we will be able to look at the mistakes and fix where we went wrong :) **Roles Needed** * Jungle * Mid * ADC * Support If you feel like joining the team and you feel up to the challenge then please copy and paste the following question into the comments below and answer them, if you are picked for the team you will be added by myself on the league client by 5pm UK time :) Summoner name: Current Rank: Role: Top 6 Champs in this role: Access to Discord, Working mic, Speak fluent English: Would you consider yourself a good **Team Player**? Do you have a lot of time on your hands to practice? Thank you very much and sorry about the long post but I want to get it right! Good luck and I hope to see you shortly! Sam
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