Creating a team in Bronze to climb the ranks

Hello, Like many of you, I feel fed up with losing matches for a reason that's not your fault. In 8/10 of my games there is always "that" guy who think's he's faker and runs around trying to solo the game, his skills aren't bad but as soon as the opposite team wises up to his antics they group together and kill him, then they force a 5v4 and kill the rest of the team. Does this sound familiar? I personally haven't played any more than 15 ranked games but I can already see the same pattern emerging. By no means am I pro, but I like to think I have a good understanding of the game and I know how to communicate to ensure we pick up the win. (green honour ribbon) I'm looking to create a team that all speaks together through teamspeak3 and works together to pull of sweet ganks, boss teamfights and in turn secures the games objectives. You must speak good English, be 16+ own a headset, know how to use Teamspeak3 and play league a decent amount of time (I personally play 3-4 hours a day at least) I play all roles but I main Kog'Maw ADC & Morgana SUPPORT If you're interested in joining my team, please state your preferred role and your age in the comments below along with your username so I can add you and we can take it from there :) Thanks, Robbydog
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