Join our team to get the 2015 Ranked Team Rewards (WARD SKIN)

Hello summoners, I am Meiyzhen. This season there will be a ward skin reward for 5v5s ranked teams. As many summoners don't have a team to play with I, Meiyzhen, will set up a team! Do you want to join our team and get this awesome ward skin please ADD me in game and message me. My in game name is Meiyzhen. IMPORTANT: I will ONLY play for the 75 points, we might end up getting into a bronze division but that IS NOT THE POINT, we only need to care about the Ward Skin. Requirements: NONE Curse Voice is preferred Our team's goal will be to get QUICK 75 points. You can be bronze/silver/gold/plat/diamond or even master/challenger tier (haha). ---- So just join our team, play and let's get this awesome ward skin for everyone. If you are not informed about the Ranked Team Rewards check out the Tab ''Leagues'' in the game and it will provide you the information

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