> **PhoenixGaming:** Hey! Thanks for reading our message. We are a team in century used. or rather, we have more teams. We are looking for a number of players for one of our teams. If this is something for you to read this notice carefully and then respond bottom of the message with the answering the questions. **Requirements:** - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Having TeamSpeak3 - Sociability **Our teams:** **PhoenixGaming**: Top: TG Blade Junlge: TG Fartacus Mid: TG Mykon Adc: TG Reborn **ShotCaller** Sup: TG Shadow (Extra) Sup: TG Smart **PhoenixGamingEsport** _Need full team members!_ **How to join?** If you want to join your whrite a reaction with the following questions in it!: **Name:** **InGameName:** **Age:** **Country:** **Lane:** **Mains:** **Reason why we will accept you?:** **PhoenixGaming:** _Our team consists of sociability. But of course we also train seriously and we want to score really high! we do everything together to rejoin the top. If it seems like you here to participate in this is definitely for you. we own Teamspeak server and take it seriously._ **OUR TEAMSPEAK SERVER: _5.200.23.149:10042_**

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