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Please read the entire post before applying. It is quiet obvious when people do not, and it is important that you do. I have been in a huge number of teams, but the only time I've had some real sort of success was when I made my own, in my own way. It worked better than expected last time. It lasted for a few months playing against teams as high as diamond 2 on the 5v5 team ladder. I made some mistakes, hence why the team no longer excists, but I now have more experience. What do I want to achieve with this team? I will create a serious atmosphere, we are going to practice 4-5 days a week and our first priority is reaching Diamond V on the ranked team ladder. You as a player will have to dedicate a large ammount of time into this team, so if you do not have the time for this, it is probably not for you. The tryouts will start this weekend. I've seen a lot of team just recruit the first that replys. I like to do things a bit differently. The tryouts will be in terms of 5v5 custom games ( Applicants vs Applicants ). This way I can more easily see who the best players are and put together the best team possible. Every player will get atleast 2-3 games to show me how good they are. As I main ADC, I will be looking for Top, Mid, Jungle and Support. In your application, please include when you are able to tryout (See below) Ingame name: Age: Role: League: Why are you not higher ranked?: Why do you want to join Mirium Gaming?: Strengths?: Weaknesses?: Out of the following times, only select the ones you are able to tryout: (this is CEST) [Saturday] 1800-1900 [Saturday] 1900-2000 [Saturday]2000-2100 [Saturday]2100-2200 [Saturday]2200-2300 [Saturday]2300-0000 [Saturday]0000-0100 [Sunday]1800-1900 [Sunday]1900-2000 [Sunday]2000-2100 [Sunday]2100-2200 [Sunday]2200-2300 [Sunday]2300-0000 [Monday]1800-1900 [Monday]1900-2000 [Monday]2000-2100 [Monday]2100-2200 [Monday]2200-2300 [Monday]2300-0000 [Tuesday]1800-1900 [Tuesday]1900-2000 [Tuesday]2000-2100 [Tuesday]2100-2200 [Tuesday]2200-2300 [Tuesday]2300-0000 Please do not add me ingame, after you have applied, I will add you. This is to make everything more organized for me. Imagine having 50 people adding you and keeping track of everything.
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