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The Chaos Vanguard
Join The Chaos Vanguard today and stamp your name onto the Online Gaming World. We have already become notorious in games like League of Legends, Smite, Nether, Infestation and War Thunder; For our dedication, skill and continuous online presence. We constantly evolve and embrace new game releases, like the upcoming H1Z1.
Greetings, citizens of the Rift, my name is Somber and I am here to introduce you to Chaos Vanguard (or CV for short), a friendly gaming community composed of dedicated and easygoing people who want nothing more than to play with fellow summoners that share in their laid-back and positive personality traits. We pride ourselves in having hundreds of active members on TS on a daily basis in a multitude of games we support (eg. Dota 2, HotS, H1Z1, Smite, etc) as well as having an active forum/site with regular discussions and updates. We offer ranked teams for more serious players, as well as coaching for those looking to acquire new and/or sharpen their already existing skills. We also host daily inhouse games and special event tournaments every now and then. An important thing to note is that we are currently an **EUW ONLY** community. Should we ever expand to other servers, you will be notified accordingly. **Requirements** Before signing up, keep these things in mind: -Must be 16 years of age or older -Must have a working microphone and TS3 -Basic English for communication We do not have any summoner level/division requirements, so you needn't worry about that :) **How to join?** If you are interested in joining, hop on our Teamspeak and sign up for our forums on our website. and we will get you sorted in. TS IP: If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to add any of our staff members in game: -CV TeddyBear -CV Phritz -CV Somber -CV Ayakoo -Scayr -CV doomchipmonk -CV Sephx -CV Crow -Cemtex -CV Caro Vega (Note: the list may be updated, depending on name and/or staff changes) Kind regards, Somberino

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