Hey! ~~~~ Some short notes about me. I thought I make this more fun with an interview of myself. _**How long have you been Playing League?**_ I'ved been playing league almost every season.. I stopped in season 4/5 due to the lack of motivation so i decayed to gold.. But im back here in season 6 for some more action! My higest peek was Diamond 2 50 lp, my team got disbanded and i tilted a little bit, but if i get the motivation from a team to play again ill start climbing solo que again. _**Tell us more about yourself!**_ Well, my Name is Dennis. I´m 20 years old and i come from Denmark. When I´m not tryharding on League I enjoy hanging out with my friends. When I´m used to my new Team I´m very funny, open minded and my friends say I have the ability to keep others calm and in a good mood. _**What are your Favorite champs?**_ Cait, Ezreal and Ashe. But i can play all the adc's on the same level (I hate sivir tho :( ) _**What are your online times?**_ I´m online nearly every day at the evening after I finished work (~18:00). On Weekends I have like most more time to play the game unless im out for partying. _**Can you shotcall ingame?**_ Yes i can shotcall the late game as adc, the key with that is that i know how much dmg i got so i know when we can go in and when we cant. **_How many Tournaments have you played? And how many have you won?_** "Wall of Legends Tournament #23 #1" "LoL EU West 5on5 Champions Club #33 #1" "LoL EU West 5on5 Nordic Cup #4 #1" "LTW 24/06/2016 5v5 Tournament #1" And then alot of Touranemnts i went second place and 3'rd place in but i wont write them down since they dont matter. **_What team experiance do you have?_** ivedbeen on some Danish teams, some for fun and some serious. The team i played the most with was HyperioN eSports then International Lunatics then NOX Esports, i'ved also been on AESTHETHIC ESPORTS. Feel free to contact me here on Ingame. If i dont respond ingame plz leave a reply here. INGAME EUW: BackLineFool Greets Nexi!
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