Season 6 Serious ranked team 5v5

am only gold 3 so i'm nothing special. As the season ends in a few weeks. i don't see a point in doing a team just yet. BUT i would like to have 5 people to play with, get used to each other and then move on to ranked when season 6 hits. what i want from this team. Gold + (season 5) Living in uk ( i plan to get good enough to enter tournaments eventually ) Have good mic voice comms Age must be 16+ VERY active. most days, if you can't make a session. Tell someone beforehand. Know the meta No other active ranked teams Have a replay software Have one review day a week I've had a little experience in ranked teams, but i find they just die out quickly. i want one team to stick together and not give up after a loss streak I am open to any role other than bot as i don't enjoy adc or sup For a while players will most be in and out of the team until we find the best players for us . if people don't get on then there will be a team vote to see if said person should be in the team. Roles Currently Looking For Mid ADC Support Please Copy And Fill Out The Following And Paste Below Role: Age: Rank: Days Available: TS or Skype: Region In UK:
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