Elite Esports is looking for a Mid and ADC

Greetings summoners, I am currently in the process of creating a ranked team which will be serious and for the Platinum-Diamond ranks. I am currently platinum and other members in the team are platinum and diamond. I am from the UK and play very often (everyday most of the time). For a long time now I personally have been searching for a ranked team which is fun to play with and also climb ranks with. Since the positions of support and jungle are filled at the moment (Top pending), I am now looking for a mid laner and AD carry to add to the team. What we are looking for is players is: Be able to use TeamSpeak and speak fluent English Have a rank of at least platinum or higher Play fairly often throughout the week 4/5 days a week for example Be a positive and non-flaming team mate to everyone on the team Have a good knowledge of your main role and another if possible (in case other members are not there and spaces need to be filled) Have a medium-large champion pool so that we can create good team compositions Age is not too important but preferably 16-25. If you are interested in joining this team then please fill out the application provided below: Age: IGN: Country: Do you have TeamSpeak: Availability: Solo Queue Rank: Position(s): Champion Pool in positions: Past 5v5/team experience?: If you have any other questions then either ask them below or contact me (IGN: Killerajt17) Thanks
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