Hey y'all i am a Gold V player was Gold I, but took a massive gap in the game and dropped a lot. Looking to take it a lot more serious next season (6) more as a team rather than solo queue. I am a good player who can carry himself and get fed, but in team fights i am more of a team player than a solo player. My main roles are Mid, ADC and jungle, but i am a all rounder player (those three most experience in) I have every champion in the game besides the new one (Illaoi) I have chosen not to buy him. My main champions for in order are; ADC: Vayne, Jinx, Lucian, Sivir, Trist, Ashe, but i can play them all to a decent level (Graves and Daven are the only ones i am not consistent with) Mid: Ahri, Riven. LeBlanc, Katarina, Annie, Viktor, Oriana, TF, (learning anivia), and i can play the rest to some degree of level knowing the champs skills. Jungle: Rengar, Lee Sin, Fizz, Eveylnn, Shaco, Jarvan, Olaf, Panth, Master Yi and can play rest, but prefer these ones. All those champions are in order in skill level from best to worst champions, except the jungle section it depends what champs i am against and have in the team depending on the jungle i pick. Hope to hear from someone May be low elo, but i never took ranked serious in S5, but through over 3k normal games you can tell I must know this game to some sort of standard. Thanks IGN - Cracklier
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