Master ADC/Supp Creating a New team(EUW/EUNE)

Hi, as the title says im creating a new team on EUNE/EUW in which i will play **adc or supp.** I have xp in chall 5v5 and i was also chall in a 5v5 team. My goal is to reach it again and from there on set up my(and ur goals higher). Currently im **Master tier on EUNE and d5 on EUW** on which i hardly play, but if i find some players on that server i would gladly play. In case u r interested leave a comment below with: **Div: Country: Eng(Doesnt have to be high knowledge but good enough to understand each other): Skype/TS/etc: Previous xp: Role:** Hope to hear from u guys soon and GL HF :)
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