Are ADC'S really OP or is it just me?

I have started to play 3 years after a break and i am amazed how much this game has changed. First off, As a jungler it amazes me that this role has really stooped this low. Now i am sure that some diamond/challenger players can carry almost every game, but we the average bronze/silver/gold players have no chance against this phenomenon, It seems that our fate is bound by bot lane. I am doing ranked right now and have 2 wins and 3 losses, I will probably end up in silver or maybe even gold if i have luck. Interesting thing about my losses, In all three of them bot lane started feeding and it was pretty much impossible to stop the enemy ADC, So many tools at disposal, so much damage and so much buff from support. As for me, I did also have my share of blame but i can honestly say that i outjungled the enemy jungler in 2 of them, When the enemy jungler mocks you when the game ends , it is a pretty clear sign of saltiness and admit of defeat(i would only ever mock someone if i am salty myself), So if everyone was to blame, Top, Mid and JG would have 30% of it and Bot about 70%. It feels like i have no say whether we win or not unless i really make a diamond clutch play and even if do that, you'll have those "team members" that will recall to buy and go farm with an open inhib and free baron on the plate. Game is cooler than ever, But man ADC'S BLEH! Also i put this in the wrong Board, If mods can move to C&G board, ty.

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