Making a 5v5 ranked team

I am currently uk gold 4, not a massive solo Q fan. I want to make a semi serious ranked team, By semi serious i mean, 1. play very frequently with set times. 2. Practice sessions. 3. be willing to try champions to suit comps. 4. and take criticism to improve as a team. 5. most of all though have fun. as i mentioned i'm gold 4 so i'm by no means good at the game :P but i strive to improve as a player. << me << Currently i play top. I play rumble/irelia/olaf But really looking to expand my pool. for this team i'd like: 16+ age Silver 1 minimum Preferably from the uk active player Have voice comms no flaming. Don't be a dick. I have little experiance in teams, most of the time the teams i've been in , we play then within a month or so it dies down and we stop i don't want that again :(. So yeah long post, hopefully we can make a good team and friendships. Message me in game, Once made a team and playing some normals to get used to one another, we'll stablish a shotcaller and stuff Currently looking for Sup Adc mid jungle
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