Dia 2 (ex master) Mid laner LF serious ranked team (D3+)

Hello i am looking for a serious competetive ranked team that is willing to practice every day and get into challenger and beyond. I have a great understanding of the game and am able to shot call. My peak in s4 was dia 1 72 lp pre master and my peak this season was master 160 lp and i plan to get back and higher by the end of the season. My current champion pool consists of meta champs (ahri, leblanc, zed, azir, cassio) and some pocket picks (katarina, talon). I have a smurf which im getting to high diamond soon and am planning on using it to broaden my champion pool so i will practicing chogath, corki, ezreal, viktor , vladimir to get as good on them as on my mains. I can practice everyday and have a flexible schedule. If you have an offer post here and i will add ya. D3+ only

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