Recruiting players for building a serious team for season 6 (Silver)

Hello, Im would like to start up a team for season 6, for the competitive experience. This team will be composed of 5 players and eventually some reserve players. I'm a main midlaner, so i'm looking for a jungler/top/adc/Supp. I'm 18 years old and i'm ranked Silver 3. What do i want to achieve with this team? I want to have fun in the first place, and try to climb up together to decent rank. I also want to learn more about playing lol in a team. Its also a good experience for learning from each other. The requirements you need to have: - You have to be motivated, I don't need players who know they 'll quit after some days or 3 weeks. - You have to be able to go online a lot, we can't play without full team. When we are full team we can make a schedule that fits for all so don't worry to much about it. - You need to be 16 years old minimum. - I don't recruit toxic players, there must be 0 flame in team, mistakes happen - You have to be ranked Silver 5 or higher, - You have to main a Specific role: Jungle/top/ADC/sup ( im mid) If you fit the requirements comment below with your rank and motivation and username.
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