LF team - JUNG/ADC main - Ex high gold player currently silver ( UK )

Main jungle and adc Adc : 1 - Vayne 2 - Lucian 3 - Graves Jungler : 1 - Vi 2 - Sejuani 3 - Grag / rengo :D Used to be high gold player ( gold 1 ) but stopped playing last december, been in a platinum 3 team back when khazix was at his prime and carried majority of the games. Gone downhill since ive came back as dont have the time to Spam solo Q as i work full time but i finish at 3pm every day and can play from 3pm to 11pm every day. Got teamspeak , skype etc all that and Turtle beaches, also speak fluent english :D add me ingame to disguss, Pref high silver/ low gold team

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