Creating 5v5 team, Platinum+

Hey, been looking to join a serious team for quite some time, but it's hard to find something that works. I've decided to create my own team with players that are currently Platinum or higher in solo queue. Requirements: - Platinum or higher. - Speak English. - Main only one role. Playing other roles in normals and solo queue is okay. - Be available at least a few days each week. - Have a decent champion pool and play most meta champs. No one-trick ponies, sorry. - You need to have skype (we could use any other program for voice communication if it's prefered). - Play on EU West. Add me in-game if you're interested, or reply here with the following information: Summoner Name: Current Rank: Highest Rank: Position: Main Champions: Country: Age: Age is not as important as being mature. Your country is not really important, it's just good to know where you're from. Thanks for reading! **ONLY JUNGLE LEFT**
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