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I was thinking about starting a team but not an ordinary team, or maybe a community. Anyways, my idea was starting a team of both genders, help eachother improve, lvl up together and have a really good time. And start a youtube channel, streams, and help other players who want to become a part of this community thing. Make this grow large and become really good friends. I´m just being friendly, so. I was wondering, who shal join me on this huge mission?! >:) I know there is some who wants to do this as much as I do, it doesnt matter which server or division. Just that you are friendly with a touch of fun. So, here is some information about myself ^^ Hi! I´m a 16 (and a half) year old guy that lives in the north part of Sweden in a town called Vilhelmina. I have big dreams, I´m very friendy, I smile much ^^. I´ve recently started to gym since I love being outside as much as I love playing league with friends. I´m also quite competetive so I´m almost tryharding everytime but with a friendly attitude =P. Alright, thats pretty much it. If you dont want to post belooow and add me to talk more. I have fait in humanity, join me on the journey. I believe in this! ^^

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