Ranked Duo Sup

Hey everyone ! Right now I am doing ranked duo with one of my friends and he isn't on that much and I really don't want to go into Ranked without a support I am used to. I don't care what league you are in, all I care about is if you can play good as a support. Btw I play Draven ADC So far my scores have been 10/0/4 ( Draven ) 8/3/11 ( Draven ) My friend supported me as nauti those games and we just had lots of fun winning those games. So if you are interested please friend me and then we can play a game or 2 to practice and then we can hit ranked. Supports I prefer are Good thresh's as in those really good thresh's Leona for the 10 year stun Sona for the damage boost, heal, speed boost and stun that makes enemy dance Blitzcrank cause it's blitzcrank, 1 pull = 1 kill So yeah if you are up for it you can friend me
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