CryoIgnis once again looking for members! Playing for fun, no high expectations!

As the title says, my team, CryoIgnis, is once more looking for members to play with us. This team is meant for playing for fun! We are not highly professional people, and neither are we looking for those. If you're good, you're still welcome. Just keep your expectations low :D We don't want a lot of you. You can be bronze 5 for all we care, as long as you are the following: Friendly, old enough (preferably 18+), fluent in the english language to allow proper communication, (important!!) open for humor (important!!), and not easily frustrated .. :P As stated before, this team is for fun, so if you are looking for a team to play with that is not all strict gameplay (we still play seriously, don't get me wrong...we just aren't boring "only for the wins" people) you are very welcome to message me. One more thing worth mentioning is probably that we use Skype rather frequently when we play (hence the english language part), so being able to talk on that would also be a +, but not a strict requirement :) looking forward to your responses :) Best regards Sir Catori
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