New Platinum Team Searching for Dedicated People to Climb the Ranked 5s Ladder! ALL ROLES NEEDED!

Hello, I am starting a ranked 5s team for platinum+ players. The team will be serious and our aims will be to climb the ladder as far as we can. Players must be dedicated and able to play frequently as well as able to give and take **constructive** criticism. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Requirements!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -You must be at least Platinum in the SoloQ ladder. -You must be able to play frequently! (Minimum of 4 evenings per week) -You must be talkative during games and able to give communication throughout. -You must have a decent sized champion pool for your role (Minimum 5 confident champions) -You must be able to both give and take constructive criticism, reflect on games afterwards and give insight into how we can improve as a team. -You must be dedicated to the team, and follow the training schedule we will *eventually* make (after the roster is final.) -You must speak good English. -You must have Teamspeak 3 (this is how we will communicate during games.) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I will be hosting trials throughout this week for each role in the form of taking a team into ranked 5s and seeing how you perform - this will not be based in a single game as it would be unfair (people have bad days, and this is understandable.) If you are interested, please comment below with the following form: **DO NOT ADD ME IN GAME, I WILL ADD EACH OF YOU AFTER YOU HAVE APPLIED!** Name(What would you like us to call you during a game?): Current Rank: Peak Rank: Role: Champion Pool: Previous Experience in Ranked Teams: Why should I pick you over other players for your role and what will you bring to the team?: Thanks you for reading, I hope to see you all in game! -Eagle.
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