Flex team LF midlaner ( READ )

Hello, my name is Armakar, or irl name Lawrence. I am a (peak d4) ADC main, and me and my close IRL friends have agreed on starting a ranked team in Flex so that we can improve and rank up as a team. I'll briefly explain what the team and personalities in the team are like, and if you think you'd be suited, please add me on this account and we'll talk. Our toplaner is Madmonkeys01 (Nathan) - A silver player who mainly plays tanks, has a very teamfight orientated style. Doesn't win lane as he's playing tanks, but he prefers to get tanky and protect the team. Good at following calls so works well as a team member. Our jungler is Rezero fan (Andrei) - A player who just hit gold and loves playing assassins and high-skillcap champs like Lee or Riven. Loves to solocarry, only issues I see in him is he can be stubborn and bad at following calls. Our midlaner will be someone from here - a (preferrably friendly) individual who can follow calls, hold his own in lane and work well as a team. Following my calls is a must, but ideally someone vocal, aware and outgoing would be preferred. Our ADC is me, (Armakar/Lawrence). I peaked in D4, and I find myself to have excellent mechanics, reaction time, and far and above all, I have fantastic shotcalling. I paticularly value players who are able to follow my calls, as most of the time they are good calls. Our support is Jimmyxyz2 (Jimmy) - a support main for life who likes tanky supports, or Janna and Nami. Jimmy follows calls well, has pretty good mechanics and is a reliable player - never tilts, never does critically bad plays etc. Fits well into a team. It's hard to tell jimmys rank as the only previous time he was ranked (last season) it was with 10 games played on a PC that, at best, got 20FPS. That's the overview of our team. As I said, we are a group of IRL friends but we all want to improve and rank up - our aim is to reach far higher ranks then what we currently stand as. I am certain everyone in this team is capable of diamond - we all have issues and the aim for this team is to solve them, build synergy and improve. Anyone interested add me on my smurf - Team of Losers (EUW)
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