Silver III looking for a RELIABLE partner to quickly climb to Gold

Hey guys it's Cele here :) For a while I was in Bronze elo because I did bad things. A while ago I asked for help on boards and I rose to silver so I think I am not horrible player and willing to accept my mistakes. But what I want now is Gold. As Season starts at least 7 days from now, I think I have a chance to get to gold with a good teammate. Because there are similar problems in Bronze and Silver. In Bronze, many people were %%%%%%s and didn't know what they were doing. But in Silver many people consider themselves pro at the game and refuse to acknowledge something important or help the team. I ask for a teammate who would be able to chat with me with Discord or Skype and play with me to Gold. maybe even later :) HUUUUGE THANKS :) See ya on the Rift guys and girls :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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