Nirvana-eSports Looking For Staff Members (Possibly future contracts)

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Hello, Im Borieko. CEO of Nirvana-eSports. Recently we renamed our clan from Oxygen-eSports to Nirvana-eSports. After we had some of our staff members leaving us we are in need of new ones. What we can offer you: -A nice place to chat with others -Having a executive role over a lot of members -A place to gain experience leading a clan -In the future we might be able to offer you a contract depending on how good you are doing your job. Requirements for this job: - Being able to act cool in any situation ( We don't accept any flame towards our members) - Being really active, I expect our staff to be online at least 6 days a week. And preferable directly available to answer any questions etc. to our members. - Being good at organizing/ creating teams, at the moment this will be your main job. - Recruiting on boards/other websites. -Being able to function well with Discord. For more information please join our Discord and pm Borieko. Or add me IGN: Borieko Kind Regard, Borieko

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