Hi i'm a gold 1 league player i've been playing for a long time i don't really play to much solo queue compare to normals, i always do normals. I could probably say i can climb to plat easy, but don't want to sound big headed. I play against plat 4-3 people when i solo queue so my mmr must be decent for my division. I'm look for a team i can commit to and play with allot, I'm a active league player and up for games whenever. (want take it serious and tryhard with team comps) I play every position pretty much for solo queue i rushed it with adc, but recently i have took a break from adc (still can play it well know mechanics and how to play against different people and situations) but i'm playing all lanes right now, but support really i don't enjoy that and don't spend much time playing support. So if anyone is interested in a player with a large champion pool and can play most position add me in game - cracklier I say order roles i main would be ADC (will always be first), top or jungle then mid lane. Hope to hear from some people Thanks Cracklier

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