Seeking duo partner around plat

Hey yo, im a top laner main and i just though i should try a bit harder to climb the ladder a bit, i think im able to do it if i focus on my strong points but also i think it would be easier if i have a duoq partner to help me out. I mostly play nasus for splitpushing and late game power, malphite to counter the ad top laners like trynda and so on, shen when i need to protect and gank a lot and garen when i feel like cheesing my way through the game, I have a positive winrate on those champions ( used to be higher ) but i feel like its not enough and i could do better with a mate who knows how to focus on the games objectives. Id like to use discord and im looking for something in the long run. not just 1-2 duo games. If you have any questions towards me please dont hesitate to contact me. Im also looking to join a team since the guys ive played with stopped logging in and are currently inactive and i quite enjoyed the experience + my playstyle is quite team dependant. English isnt my native language but im proficient enough in it, so communication will not be a problem.
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