Darkness Esports looking for Players (Gold-Plat)

Hey Darkness Esports are looking for players between gold and platinum for a competitive team. The team will be for dedicated players who will train hard and players who can pick up when others are falling slighty in games. The team once good enough will be looking to compete in online events and the better results will mean the better events the team will join. A bit about myself. I have been playing for almost 2 seasons and this season focused on my own improvements and climbed the ladder. I started the season B2 but have made it to P5 and still climbing, i have taken coaching from higher elo players and worked on my basics and have a good understanding of the game. I know my strenghts and weakness and i am not afrid to admit them. I have also moved into lower elo coaching to help players in bronze and silver undertand what they must do to improve and help them on theri journey to a higher elo. Requirements: Working Mic. Main your role. Take critisim No flame Gold V- Plat I English speaking 17+ Name:That hurt Rank:Plat V Role:Jungle Top 3 champion in your role and their winrate: Nocturne (63%), Ekko (67%), Sej (65%). Avalibility: Most evenings starting september 5th Reason for applying:Want to join a dedicated team that will look to improve and become competitive. Why you are better than the rest: I know i am still awful at the game and accept that i have a lot to learn still. Application: (Must be filled out) Name: Rank: Role: Top 3 champion in your role and their winrate: Avalibility: Reason for applying: Why you are better than the rest: Don't add me in game i will look at the application! Roster: Top- Open Jung- That hurt Mid- Open ADC- Open Supp- Open Sub: Sub: I will add people tomorrow for tryouts Thanks for reading! Good luck in your future games! -That hurt
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