LF Team plat 4

LF team i am plat 4, I main every role, my best would be; Mid ADC Jungle Support Top In this order Roles i Enjoy most Jungle Mid ADC Top Support In this order If you are looking for someone to fill or permanent role feel free to add my IGN is - cracklier Looking for either a team for thyroid team to reach at least plat in teams. Champs I main in each role (got every champ so can adapt to team comps) Mid: Annie and Ahri (can play zed and yasuo also, but not consistent with those) Jungle: Fizz, Graves, Ekko, Rengar, Kindred, Shaco, Lee sin and Elise (top 3 best with - Elise, Lee sin and Fizz). ADC: Lucian, Vayne, Jinx those top three, can play any, but draven or kog. Top: Riven, Graves, Afk malphite, Poppy, Panth and Rene Support: Janna, Soraka, Thresh. Hope to hear off someone, Thanks Cracklier.
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