Wanna have a Community like CG? Let's create one!

Hello everybody, I'm Faselane from Germany and over the last days, i got the idea of making an international FUN-Community in League of Legends like Sp4zie has (Compact Gaming). If you think this idea is good, why dont you join me? I thought about 10-20 People and you should be able to follow this rules: You have to be: - at least 16 years old - able to speak english - see the game in a more funny way. Don't rage while loosing **BUT** also dont troll all the time. Loosing on purpose isnt a supportet way of fun If you're interested, add me on League or send me your IGN. I dont have a private TS at the moment but if we get a big group, I dont think this will be a big problem. So I hope i can talk to you soon. Greetings from Germany _Faselane_
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