Blazze It 420 Gamming or 5v5 Team A$AP People!!

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Rank: Gold I Lanes: Top and Mid pref but can go everywhere Main Champs: Riven{{champion:92}} (90k pts) Talon{{champion:91}} ( 25k pts) Tresh {{champion:412}} (18k pts) Roles : Fighter, Assasin, tank ( Sometimes) Some info about me: Wazzap people and How's goin? I'm Blazze {{summoner:14}} and Im currently Looking to get rid of Solo Que games, in this case im here asking 'the Community' if there is any kind for Gamming Community or a 5v5 Team Recruiting Guyz like me. I am from Cyprus and I usualy speak Greek and Romanian but I can almost speak Fluent English aswell, I have a headset and everything just ready to go and roll with the homies ;3 Remember: - People needs to be from EUNE(That's where im playin) - Please do not be afraid to be yourself. Seriusly , i dont care ur a feeder or a wood 1000 guy, FUN = BEST Hit me up if any of you are interested or anything. {{summoner:14}}
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