CHILLED OUT Ex Master/D1 SUPPORT, back being a noob in D5, trying to grind to higher elo

A male - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
A male / Platinum 1 47LP / 52W 50L Win Ratio 51% / Janna - 16W 12L Win Ratio 57%, Lulu - 10W 6L Win Ratio 63%, Lee Sin - 8W 8L Win Ratio 50%, Nami - 6W 5L Win Ratio 55%, Thresh - 5W 3L Win Ratio 63%
I was D2-D1 last season midway through, took a 6-7month break. Grinding through plat nearly D5 (most likely will be today) Looking for someone to duo with who doesn't get toxic when things go bad, able to have a laugh and not take it too seriously New account has 10 supports or so :) IGN - A male
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