[Reckless eSports] Looking for top, mid and jgl [Silver/Gold Elo] EUW

Reckless eSports is looking to recruit new members in EUW. We're a new team looking for players in the roles of Top, Mid and Jungle. It's a serious team but we aren't going to be boring as shit, and we are looking to enter tournaments. We're based in EUW, so no NA players please. There will be trials, but it's only to see if you can fit well with the team. c: Criteria: - Must be Silver and above - No flaming or any sort of negative attitude - Be able to commit time into the team and be available for training when it's planned - Be able to use Discord (our main communication tool) If you want to join, please hit up our Discord! (https://discord.gg/wkmAS) If no one's on, add either Arvensen or Dóchas on League. We will also be checking the post here but for the quickest response, I'd suggest the other two options!
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