Platinum V Thresh Main searching for a new DuoQ buddy! (ADC) in Ranked Solo/Duo (Long post)

ClockWound Thresh montage | Hook-Fiesta
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**[If you are thinking about adding me on League of Legends, please read the WHOLE post before doing it. I know its alot of text, but believe me when I say its usefull for you to know a few things about me. If you read through it in 1 sit, its gonna be like 5/10 minutes. Thats all. Ive tried my hardest to make this post (I have dyslexia and English is not my mother tongue, so the grammar in this post took a long time) and I would appriciate the f*ck out of you if you took the time and red everything <3]** **Hello Summoner,** My name is ClockWound and im 17 years old. I main support, and I almoast only play {{champion:412}} , the chain warden! (I almost have 750K+ mastery points on {{champion:412}} ) Im currently in Platinum V, but, since the season is ending, it will reset to unranked soon. Im searching for an ADC main/one trick to duoQ with in **ranked solo/duo**. Every ADC works, but {{champion:412}} mains love to work together with ADC's like {{champion:119}} or {{champion:236}} (agressive ADC's). Last season I finished in Silver V, but I really feel like Im playing better and better and thats why I solo-climed my way up to Platinum with only {{champion:412}} this season! . . **Im gonna devine this post in a few different parts:** 1. Standard info 2. My standard {{champion:412}} build. 3. Good and bad points about me and my {{champion:412}}. 4. A list of what I prefer to duoQ with. 5. After-info (this may be the most important part if you want to play with me) . . **STANDARD INFO** (1) If you want to duoQ with me you need to know a few basic things. Im gonna talk about those in this part of my post. I think communication is key to being a good duoQ team. Thats why I would really prefer if we could talk/voice chat when we are playing ranked together. I have discord, skype and even TS. I also have a good microphone so thats nothing to worry about (I have the Kingston Cloud II Red headset). If you use an other communication tool, thats no problem at all. I can just download it (if its free) and we can voice chat all day :). English is also an important part of communication. So, is my English good? My English is ok, not great. I can speak it, but not fluently. If you can speak english very well, its no problem for me to communicate/talk in english. I understand every single word, but I cant speak every single word. Still ingame terms are easy for me to communicate, so speaking english ingame is no problem at all! I am searching for a duoQ partner who is calm, collective, humble and doesnt type to much negativity. I do not care about your past, i care about your attitude at this moment (so if you got banned like half a year ago (for example), but you are cool now, i dont care about your ban at all :D ). Is your attitude good? Add me! I like to think my attitude is good. I almoast NEVER get tilted, and I usually am not surrendering. Most of the time, if me and my random ADC die, I say "mb" to prevent them from getting tilted/mad. If I am mad at someone ingame (which usually doesnt happen that often) I don't type it in chat, but say it out loud. This way i try to prevent tilting them. . . **MY STANDARD {{champion:412}} BUILD** (2) **Here is my usual {{champion:412}} build. Its a bit weird, but if works out super well for me! I rush CDR A.S.A.P. and then i go for normal support items. I also like to build realy beefy so that i can survive an agressive dive/hook!** 1st item: {{item:2303}}. 2nd item: {{item:3158}}. 3th item: {{item:3067}} or {{item:3024}} . 4th item: {{item:3114}}. **(I GOT 45% CDR IF I HAVE THESE 4 ITEMS) ** 5th item: {{item:3114}} --> {{item:3107}}. 6th item: {{item:3067}} --> {{item:3083}} or {{item:3024}} --> {{item:3800}} . 7th item: {{item:3190}}. 8th and final item: {{item:3109}} or {{item:3050}} or {{item:3075}} or {{item:3143}}. **(If the last item i buy has CDR build in, i chance {{item:3158}} to eithter {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}})** For my summoner spells its easy. I (almost) **ALWAYS** take {{summoner:4}} + {{summoner:14}} . {{summoner:4}} is the most easy summoner spell to explain. Since {{champion:412}} is inmobile, {{summoner:4}} is your only escape in your kit. Its also really handy if you wanna go all in. A good placed {{summoner:4}} + {{item:3690}} can win a game on its own. . {{summoner:14}} is a personal preference. It really combines well with my (sometimes too) agressive playstyle. Its amazing for lv. 2 all in's (lv. 2 is a power spike for {{champion:412}} ) and if often leads to 1st bloods. {{summoner:14}} is really good on supports (imo) because it can deny the healing effect that {{summoner:7}} gives you. ({{summoner:14}} reduces the healing effect of any summonor spell/item in the game) For runes its a little bit tricky. Its still pre-season, and im still trying new stuff out. But for the info I have now, I really like some runes. For example, I play around alot with aftershock, hex-flash and if I feel a little bit crazy, I like to take Glacial Augment for slows on my AA. . . **GOOD AND BAD POINTS ABOUT ME AND MY {{champion:412}} ** (3) **I think I've talked enough about my good points. Im not a robot, so I also make mistakes. Here are some bad qualitys of mine:** -Sometimes I play to agressive. -If i really want to get someone, im used to go for {{summoner:4}} {{item:3690}} that are way to risky -I tend to sometimes hide behind my ADC without noticing, which is really bad. -I don't like it if my ADC is trying to initiate without me landing a {{item:3690}} or a {{item:3692}}. Sometimes I just throw a Lantern and thats all. . **I know these points above are some bad qualities of mine, but I try to do them as least as possible. Im working hard to unlearn these qualities. But for bad points there are also some good points of me and my {{champion:412}} . Here are some good points:** -I think im really good at landing {{item:3690}} inlane, because I know where the adc is moving. (My adc is getting **ALOT** of 1st bloods) -I dont throw lanterns on minions or on top of you, I throw them where you can easily click on them. -I master all {{champion:412}} combo's. -I also can make some flash predictions, due to alot of experience on {{champion:412}} (See the montage I linked to understand what I mean) . . **A LIST OF WHAT I PREFER TO DUOQ WITH** (4) **So here is a list of what I prefer to duoQ with: Server: EUW ELO: High Gold when the season ended,minimum of Gold I/Low Platinum when the season ended, maximum of plat IV/III) Language: English Communication Tool: Discord/TS/Skype. Type ADC: All ADC's are okay for me, but if youre used to play agressive ADC's would find that awesome! Age: Every age is fine by me, but if possible not lower then 15** . . **AFTER INFO (IMPORTANT)** (5) Okay, Ive posted this before and in my experience I get **ALOT** of friend requests from people who have a lower rank then Gold 1. So, if you are that player and you want to send a request, please dont. Im sorry to tell you, but youre not what im looking for. If you are someone who wants to add me on a second lower ranked account, and your primary account is Gold 1 or higher, please dont friend request me, but comment down **this** post. In your comment, please tell me the name of your primary account, so I can look you up. Its also a way to prefend people from lying that they are a smurf! **(MOST IMPORTANT PART HERE)** Ive worked alot on this post and some people dont take the time to read it. I dont want those people as a duoQ partner. I dont want someone who reads 3/4 lines, then friend request me and go away from this post (possibly searching for more duoQ partners), leaving my post for 95% unred. I want someone who is actually interested in me, and I think **you** are. **You** have red al the way to this line, which i deeply respect. Its a long post, but you have taken the time to actually read it. So, to filter those who've not red the intire post form the ones that did, im gonna ask you to prove that. Send me a friend request, and let the 1st message you send to me **exactly** be: "**Hi ClockWound, Ive red your intire post and im actually interested in you!"**. This way I know youve red everything, otherwise you would never know what to type on your 1st client message. If you dont send the message, I will unfriend you (im sorry). Thank **you** so much, i really mean it! If you wanna add me, please send "CWs Thresh" a friend request. If you meet the aquirements i told you above, i will add you and w ecan try out a ranked game! I hope you have a nice day and that I see you around on the rift! Sincerely, ClockWound, A {{champion:412}} main!
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