If you Play/Main/One-Trick and most of all ENJOY Skarner, click HERE (EUNE club)

Hello, fellow summoners. If you play, main, one-trick, or just ENJOY Skarner as a champion, either for his potential in-game, his looks, style or just how fun he is, the with pleasure i invite you to join my club. The club is called "skarner OTP's" (my mistake though, it is not only for OTP'S) it is hosted in EUNE and I run it. To be recruited, you must follow these. They are not strict at all. - Have at least mastery lvl 2 skarner (which includes having 1 win with him in a normal/ranked/aram/tt game) - Be polite and positive. And if you just can't do that, you have to try to. I respect failure, but I do not forgive not trying to improve. - (Optional) Be a cheerful jokester. That way the community of the club will be more pleasant. If you can't joke well, don't worry! We do not mind. Once you have joined, you have to follow these guidelines. Trust me, they are anything but strict: - When you lack knowledge or skill about the champion, feel free to ask. Everyone is obliged to share his knowledge with the club members. If he doesn't know something and he is unable to help, it does not matter. - Respect the club leader BillWithIt's advice. I have 1,5 years of experience 1-tricking skarner, 160k Points (and growing fast), I have tested builds, opinions and playstyles and I am listed among the top 100 in EUNE (possibly #1 in Greece. Also i had the top 97 skarner win rate in the world in season 6) I am willing to share my knowledge with everyone and I hope one day you can reach and surpass my skill level. - Be polite. Do not insult much, it disgusts everyone. Stay cool always. - Keep the mood of the club's chat room positive with jokes and act like everyone in the club is your friend in real life. TO ENTER THE CLUB: First comment below here to let me know your username, then send me a friend request in EUNE. My username is BillWithIt EXPANSION OF THE CLUB TO EUW COMING SOON, SO IS DISCORD SERVER The club is currently ran by me and 2 friends of mine from the EUW server on their smurf accounts. Thank you all, have a nice day.
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