Add Me To Join My Club (Fun Prizes And Giveaways To Be Held Monthly)

Good Day I have recently created a club "Bronze To Pentakill" Its a club I intend for people of the friendly nature to just chill out, play games and overall make new friends. We want people to not only enjoy playing but help each other climb ranks and create fantastic teams where possible. I also plan on giving members of the club various tasks or objectives to complete in a month or so, winner will receive a reward ranging from a random skin to a chosen skin or champions or even simply RP itself. No requirements needed to join, simply add me and I will send you invite. I am also looking for summoners who will also be able to help me gift prizes as the more prizes we can dish out the better. I will make you moderator of the club and will personally gift you something special after 2 or 3 months after I see your gifting :) Feel free to drop in any questions here if any. Good luck on the fields of justice
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