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Hey there, my name is Kritya and I'm a Gold 4 player from the UK. I'm 20 years old and currently free until September when I will be returning to uni. I am looking to use my time to get a team rolling. This team will be more dedicated to trial and improvement, rather than spamming ranked teams until we get one that goes 5/0. There will be a schedule in place, practice times will be 19:00-23:00 GMT/BST monday, tuesday and wednesday and weekends will be decided once the team is rolling. The team will be looking to compete in tournaments and these usually take place on weekends. So, a few requirements: Age: 17+ Rank: Gold+ Curse voice plus a working mic/headset (preferably not inbuilt mics, as they do pick up everything in the background) No blame/flame etc. I won't hesitate to replace someone who just blames during the game. Have the right attitude for this team, be focused on improvement rather than winning every game. Application: Preferred name: Age: Role: Rank: Meet the schedule?: Previous experience: What makes you a good pick?: Example: Preferred name: Kritya/Krit Age: 20 Role: Top Rank: Gold 4 Meet the schedule?: Yes Previous experience: Played toplane for a team in season 2 for about 3 months on NA, we played in multiple tournaments, highest achievement was top 4 in a go4lol. Have been on many ranked teams since on both EUW and NA, none last too long. What makes you a good pick?: I like to keep an open mind about champions, rather than sticking purely to the meta, I was one of the first people to catch onto Kayle's insane strength in top lane during s2, which contributed to our top 4 placement. I can stay focused in a game and will consistently look for how we can win during the game, rather than why we lost, that comes after the game. Currently looking for: Jungle
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