[Team Extremity] Looking for JUNGLE, TOP AND SUPPORT[Scrims][Tournaments]

Background: Hello, I am _Cheeky mid lane_ and I am the Starting Mid laner for Extremity White. We are people that all know each other personally and in real life, we are interested in making a team. We have created / joined many teams in the past all not succeeding purely because of people not being dedicated enough. We are looking for a Top Laner, Jungler and a Support who is preferably from the United Kingdom and is able to be serious and dedicated as well as also having a laugh at the same time. Our Team, 'Extremity White' is apart of an organisation called Extremity, there are two teams, Extremity White & Black. Roster: Top: Open Jungle: Open Mid: cheeky mid lane (Gold II) ADC: THC Háze (Plat V) Support: Open Requirements: - Must be speak fluent English. - Must be between Gold V - Plat I. - Must actually main their role and be shown through their profile, (No 'Mid/Adc'). - Must be online frequently and be able to stick to a schedule. - Must have Teamspeak and a working Mic. - Must have a decently sized champion pool. Please fill out the following application and put it in the comments below in order to apply: IGN: Rank: Age: From: Availability: Champion Pool: Why You?: Thank you for reading the post, if you feel you would fit the team, reply to this post, if you add me in game and have not applied on the forums then you WILL NOT be trialled by the team.
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