Delta Pandas Looking for serious mid laner

Hello there! I am looking for a serious player who mains mid lane! Divisions: TOP - SILVER II JUNGLER - SILVER II BOT ADC - PLATINUM IV BOT SUPPORT - PLATINUM II MID AP - PLATINUM I ( But he's kinda busy so we need one more player ) YOU NEED TO : - Spending time with your TEAM ( PRACTICING , DUO QUEUE , NORMALS , RANKED ) - Be mature, not screaming kid ;) ( 16+) - Listen to what team says, and try to improve your mistakes - Speak English - Use program like TS or Skype - Play League of Legends often - Be online when we set time to play - Spending 3-4 + hours in playing League of Legends If you are interested at joining in the team you must follow the rules! Questionnaire: IGN: Roles: Main champions: Strength and Weakness: Rank: Why should we take you and not someone else: Do you agree with the rules: Yes or No : Need: MID
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