Looking for Competitive [Silver/Gold/Plat/Diamond] Players To Start Teams [ Can be Sponsored ]

Damage Incorporated - A Professional Gaming & eSports Organization
**Hey Guys, ** I'm currently looking in for all sorts of members that are interested in getting competitive, or getting into teams and trying to Improve, Whatever rank you are, Whichever Region EUW or EUNE and whatever Role you play. I can provide 1. A Coach For Any Low ELO Members. 2. Managers for High ELO Teams 3. Twitch Sponsorship for anybody who streams **PS Its a bit selective and isnt for everybody, But everyone has a very good chance of getting it if they prove themselves enough, Conditions Apply** If You're interested and serious do add me either on _Discord :_ **Prophet#0344** _League EUW :_ **iProphet** _League EUNE :_ **Zacc** **Cheers -Prophet**
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